Burrella®, Blood Orange and Pink Peppercorn Salad


Cook Time: 30 minutes


Servings: 2


Difficulty: Easy

Burrella®, Blood Orange and Pink Peppercorn Salad


4x Winter Oranges (mixed; blood/ nadorcott/ spanish chocolate)

30g Lambs lettuce

30g Watercress

1x Radicchio (red)

1x Radicchio (pink)

6 Nocellara Olives, pitted and roughly torn/ chopped


30g Sunflower seeds, toasted

Extra virgin Olive Oil

1 tsp Pink Peppercorns, roughly crushed



STEP 1: Slice the skin from the oranges ensuring to cut off the white pith of fruit, then slice each orange into 4-5 slices. Don’t discard the skin at this stage.


To char the oranges, either use a kitchen blow torch, or sear the oranges in a super hot frying pan for 30-40 seconds. With both methods, combine a little caster sugar and olive oil before brushing over the orange slices then proceeding to torch/ sear. Set aside on a plate.


STEP 2: Rinse and carefully dry 3 leaves per person from each Radicchio. Tear each leaf into two or three pieces and arrange on your serving plate along with the lambs lettuce and watercress. Nestle the olives and the orange segments between the leaves, distributing evenly before placing one Burrella on top of the salad on each plate.


STEP 3: Liberally scatter the toasted seeds over, followed by a generous pour of the olive oil to dress the dish. Finish with a squeeze of juice from the citrus skins (these will have just enough of the flesh to give a citrus spritz) and then a scattering of the pink peppercorns and pinch of sea-salt.



Field notes

Celebrating peak Citrus season in all its glory, this salad is a riot of colours and flavours. Sweet, complex, zesty and smoky from the charred oranges. Spicy, peppery bitterness from the Radicchio. A mild buttery sweetness from the Olives. Creamy, cooling smoothness from the Burrella.


Simply seasoned with early harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, toasted seeds, flaky sea-salt and finished with pink peppercorns which give a bright fruitiness and spice notes to the dish.


Serve either as an antipasti style salad, or with a slice of toasted sourdough for a light lunch.

Field notes