sourdough toast with crematta™

crunchy, creamy and fresh. perfect for breakfasts or a light snack.


Cook Time: 6 mins


Servings: 4 PEOPLE


Difficulty: easy

sourdough toast with crematta™


sourdough bread
extra virgin olive oil
fresh dill




Step 1: Drizzle extra virgin olive oil in a pan, heat over medium heat and grill the sourdough bread on one side.  Once golden turn and brown the other part.


Step 2: Generously spread JULIENNE BRUNO's CREMATTA™ on toast   


Step 3: Garnish with freshly ground pepper, extra virgin oil and a bit of dill. 



Field notes

This recipe can also be made using a toaster, but it won't be the same. 


Something magical happens when you grill a sourdough loaf on a pan. That heat, while creating a golden thin crust over the exterior, also provides moisture deep into the slice, making it fluffy and airy with each bite. We personally like adding our crematta as soon as it's off the heat, this way the cream softens a little while still retaining it's cold fresh texture. 


This is easily one of our favourite all time snacks. Whenever it's made in the office, it's finished by the time you say “Who wants a…”


Field notes