superstraccia®, queen butter beans & verde herb pesto


Cook Time: 30 mins


Servings: 2 (as main dinner)


Difficulty: Easy

superstraccia®, queen butter beans & verde herb pesto


superstraccia (200g)
Queen butter beans (330g)
Courgettes (2, thickly sliced, approx 250g)
Olive Oil (40g for frying & 60g for pesto verde)
Garlic (1 clove, chopped)
Mixed soft green herbs (100 -150g parsley, dill, basil, mint)
Pine nuts (35g, toasted)
Lemon (zest and juice of ½) 
Sourdough Baguette 


STEP 1: In a food processor, pulse garlic, pine nuts and herbs. Drizzle in 1/2 cup slowly whilst blending. Season with salt & pepper to taste.


STEP 2: Heat 1/3 cup olive oil in a large pan, add sliced courgettes and gently cook over a medium heat until meltingly soft, burnished and golden. Remove from oil, set aside.


STEP 3: In a small pan, warm beans. Add half to food processor with lemon juice and blend until smooth (add a splash of water to loosen if needed). Return to the pan with beans, heating until ready to serve.


STEP 4: Serve beans in individual bowls or family style in one large bowl to share. Stud courgettes through beans, generously spoon superstraccia over then top with lemon zest and verde herb pesto.


STEP 5: Tear baguette, share around the table then generously scoop up beans, superstraccia and pesto and enjoy!


This is a lovely collab recipe by Simon Love (@bagtobowl)

Field notes

The ideal casual ‘hands on’ sharing supper, double up the quantities if making for an evening with friends!


The creamy beans, meltingly soft courgettes and the beautiful sweet/ savoury flavour from the superstraccia work perfectly in harmony scooped up generously on a hunk of torn sourdough baguette.


This dish is perfect for that first eating al fresco evening as spring turns to summer, sitting in the garden in the golden glow of the setting sunshine.

Field notes