Have you tried the new Spiced Carrot and Muhammara Salad with Superstraccia® from Gail's Bakery yet?

We were so thrilled to continue our partnership with one of our favourite lunchtime eateries as they transitioned from their Summer to Autumn menu. Available now in all Gail’s bakeries and to order on Deliveroo. The delicious dish joins Gail's new Autumn menu and is the first of its kind for the bakery brand. The SUPERSTRACCIA® is characterised by its rich creamy curds that create an indulgence in the balanced salad. The SUPERSTRACCIA® is created in fresh batches weekly combining natural fermentation methods and creative gastronomy to make a product that stands out for its exceptional taste and texture.

Not to be missed this Autumn, the Spiced Carrot & Muhammara salad is fresh and vibrant, with rocket and the Syrian- inspired dip, Muhammara, which uses pepper, cumin and walnut. The rich and creamy SUPERSTRACCIA® complements these flavours brilliantly.

Known for its high-quality delicious food Gail's has become a cult favourite for foodies, making the partnership with JULIENNE BRUNO® a natural fit. JULIENNE BRUNO® is focused on creating original food that is made from plants and tastes amazing. The brand has creative gastronomy at its core and is dedicated to making plant-based food the most exciting choice there is. For JULIENNE BRUNO® it's not about likeness, but about really liking what you're eating.

Axel Katalan, founder of JULIENNE BRUNO® comments; “Our idea is simple, create products that are so good, they stand up on their own right. Working with such a loved foodie brand as Gail's really supports this and signals the start of a new conversation when it comes to original products made with plants. We can't wait for people to choose based on taste and not labels."

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