…and other ways to say I love you. Here at JULIENNE BRUNO we’re passionate about food, flavours and intrepid adventures into the culinary world. We believe the highest form of showing our love is through food and cooking for loved ones.


Wherever we look, we can see that food is deeply and undeniably embedded into the way we communicate affection to those around us: from the very first time a child might shakily spread butter onto a piece of toast and present it to a parent as ‘birthday breakfast in bed’, to making your partner's favourite meal for your anniversary.

And it’s not just a way to communicate love. Researchers Orthner & Mancini have found that spending time together cooking meals to share can drastically improve both happiness levels within long term romantic relationships, and even the length of the relationship.

A common denominator when it comes to the ‘secrets’ that keep long-lasting couples together is small gestures – which, often, just so happen to include food.

“He remembered my coffee order after hearing it once on our first date”

“If I mentioned a meal in front of her, she’d always cook it for our next date”

“After an argument, they would always bring me a cookie to show they were ready to make up”

Language is, for sure, the main way we communicate, but food is often a second, more subtle, but just as effective way to communicate. Through it you can tell someone that you remembered something small and precious, or initiate an apology. In fact, in many ways, it’s the ultimate show don’t tell.


Whether it’s chocolates on Valentine's Day, a tub of ice cream during a brutal break up, or just saying, ‘shall I put the kettle on?’ when someone's had a tough day at work, every single person has different rituals and routines at play when it comes to food, drink and affection.

After all, what do Je t'aime, Ti amo and Ich liebe dich have in common with I bought you coffee, let's try that new place for dinner, and yes we can get food on the way home, if not that they’re all ways to say ‘I love you’?


Our recommendation this Valentine’s Day is…

A vibrant pink jewel of tart rhubarb that’s been slightly tempered by sugar, enveloped by a blanket of nutty crisp pastry, all topped off with a beautiful spoonful of our set crematta. What better way to show how much you love someone than to make them our rhubarb galette w.sweetened crematta. It’s simple, but unbelievably satisfying, and we can’t wait to see your takes on it – tag us on Instagram and Tiktok at @juliennebruno!

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